Like Glue


It can fix just about anything. Dab a few drops of the sticky stuff on broken things, and
suddenly those shattered pieces are bonded together, almost like magic.

What if there was a Super Glue for fractured relationships? How much cash would you fork over for even a tiny tube of it?

> Do you have a friendship or two that needs some repair work?
> Has your marvelous marriage become mediocre?
> Does a friend no longer take your calls or respond to your texts?

You’re not alone. At times we all struggle to keep our relationships intact.

In Like Glue: Making Your Relationships Stick, you won’t find a coupon for a free tube of Super Glue. You will discover practical principles for building lifelong, meaningful friendships with others. You will learn simple ways to keep marriage fresh and to remove the baggage that can weigh down church, work, and personal relationships. Relationships that have grown cold can be revived—with the right “bonding agent.”

Love, encouragement, forgiveness, service, humility, and acceptance—these six ingredients from Scripture can make your relationships stick like glue. Are you ready for a relational tune-up? Are you eager to see others draw closer to you? Apply these truths to your life and see what God can do through your obedience. Only He can create the bond with others that you’ve always longed for.