Like No Other

He never wrote a book. Yet more books have been written about Him than about any other individual in all of history. He never wrote a song. But more songs have been composed and sung about Him than about anyone else in the world. He never travelled more than 300 miles from His home. Yet, you can find only a few places in the entire world where they have not heard His name.


To simply worship or acknowledge Jesus as a great person, great prophet, or great leader is to insult Him. He is far more than all of these. He is God who became a man; He is God in the flesh. In Him, the perfect wedding of Deity and humanity coexists, yet are not mixed. Jesus became like us in order to bring us back into a relationship with God. He entered our world in order to give us a way out of it. Jesus died so that we may live. He gives us life for now and life for eternity.

This study is for all of us. Jesus Christ is more than theology on a shelf, a picture of a man with a halo, or miracles from long ago. He is like no other.